Old Loom Coinbase

  1. Create an account on the Basechain Staking Dashboard at https://dashboard.dappchains.com
  2. Once you sign in on the staking dashboard go to the My Account page and take note of the Ethereum and Loom account addresses.
  3. Email support@loomx.io with the subject Coinbase Staking Deposit and specify:
    1. Your Loom account address (from the My Account page).
    2. Your Ethereum account address (from the My Account page).
    3. The EXACT amount of LOOM tokens you intend to transfer to Basechain for staking.
  4. Loom Network will verify your account details are correct, and will respond to your email. DO NOT transfer any tokens until you receive a response.
  5. Once you receive the confirmation email from Loom Network transfer the EXACT amount you specified in step 3 from your Coinbase account to
  6. 0x7711863244783348Ae78c2BDebb9802b297DCE56 on Ethereum mainnet, reply back to support@loomx.io with the transaction hash/ID of the Coinbase transfer.
  7. Loom Network will verify the transaction details, and credit the tokens you transferred from Coinbase to your Loom account on Basechain. You will receive an email
  8. confirming this.
  9. At this point you should see your LOOM tokens on the My Account page of the staking dashboard, and can stake them for the desired period.
  10. Make sure to choose our validator LOOM STAKING.