Binance Smart Chain

  1. Go to and connect your Binance Smart Chain Wallet or if using Metamask select Binance Smart chain in your Metamask wallet first. If you don’t see it there Add BSC network.
  2. Connect your wallet to Basechain.
  3. Create your Account. Choose New Account if this is your first time.
  4. Follow directions and Select Deposit Button next to Loom.
  5. A Pop-up will ask you to select an amount and confirm.
  6. Sign approval request.
  7. Sign deposit request.
  8. Delegate Loom Select Validator - Loom Staking

    Delegate Loom Select Validator - Loom Staking
  9. Scroll down and press “Stake Tokens” button
  10. Select amount of Loom
    • Select Locktime/Bonuses. The highest APR of 20% is for a one year period.
    • Sign 2 transactions

Congratulations! You have staked Loom with Loom Staking with the lowest fees!

TIP: Return frequently to your account as you can delegate your rewards as you earn them.